Opportunity for Improving
Civic Engagement



YEAR 2014

  • Assessment of rural tourism opportunity in Lori marz
  • Intro-CONNECT in the Caucasus! Make a step back to get two forward - Organisational development INSIDE to get ready for community building OUTSIDE (ongoing)
    Overall objective: Development of capacity of CSOs in Georgia Armenia and Azerbaijan for improving their interaction with LSGs and communities
  • Orientation in Argo Business development (ongoing)
    Supported by WV Armenia


YEAR 2013

YEAR 2012-2013

  • “Engaging young people for sustainable local development” project in the framework of the Youth in Action initiative - Local Partner, Leading partner: Kreisau-Initiative e.V.

YEAR 2011

YEAR 2008

YEAR 2007

YEAR 2006

  • «Fighting against Corruption by creation of a network of public receptions» - Pilot project in Gegharkuniq Marz, under umbrella of OSCE, in the frames of Anticorruption Coalition - ongoing

  • Women and Local Self – Governance UNIFEM/UNDP - ongoing

  • "Women's Appeal for Peace" Regional Bulletin, UNIFEM/UNDP - ongoing

  • Trainings on Community Development and Mobilization", YCAP/AED

YEAR 2005

  • Conflict Sensitivity Needs Assessment in Chambarak Community, CRS - Armenia

  • Training on Facilitation and Mobilization", YCAP/AED

  • "Women in Local Self-Governance", UNIFEM/UNDP

  • Contact Grant on the project to strenghten financial sustainability of local self-governance bodies in South Caucasus, SCCP, Eurasia Foundation

YEAR 2004

  • "Women's Appeal for Peace" Regional Bulletin, UNIFEM/UNDP

  • School Democracy 3, UNICEF

  • GLOW Camp 2004, AED/USAID

  • "Trans-Caucasus - Poland: Working Together", OSIAF

YEAR 2003

  • “Monitoring on children's rights on physical inviolability and dignity in schools”, OSCE Yerevan

  • Capacity Building Interventions in Tavush Province, a comprehensive training program for local self-governments and civil society, GTZ

  • School Democracy Program 2, UNICEF

  • "Regional Bulletin “Women’s Appeal for Peace”, UNIFEM

  • "Survey on potential of Armenian and Azeri people for reconciliation", in cooperation with Azeri partners, AUA Washington

  • "Capacity Building for communities and Community Unions of Tavush Province", GTZ

  • "GLOW Camp 2003", AED/USAID

  • "School Democracy Program", UNICEF

YEAR 2002

  • “Young Voices” program directed to increase role of young people in their community life, UNICEF

  • “Trance boundary Collaboration makes citizen Participation work” together with Partners-Romania and Civitas Georgica-Georgia, Charity Know How

  • "GLOW camp 2002” Summer school for young women leaders (jointly with Peace Corps), USAID

  • “Women in peace building processes”, UNIFEM

  • “Women from political parties for peace and security in the region”, UNIFEM

  • “Women in conflict and change management”, NSP/WL/USAID

YEAR 2001

  • Series of training sessions for refugee-children, under the umbrella of Mission Armenia

  • A series of roundtables discussions on youth problems

  • Program entitled “Women Bread –winners- free choice or Urgency”, Embassy of Canada

  • “Women in peace building processes”, UNIFEM

  • “Welcome to the Internet” program, IATP/IREX

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