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Project Name: Gender Analysis at household and community level
Project Date: May-September 2007

Project Location: Syunik province, Goris region-Armenia

Project Goal: To assess the gender situation at household and community level in 12 rural communities of Goris region

Project Objectives:

  • To determine the difference between men’s and women’s activities, roles, access to resources etc,
  • Identify their developmental needs, with particular reference to agricultural production, processing storage, and marketing.
  • To provide recommendations related to the project activities and expected results in respect of the particular roles and needs of men and women.

Description: Two types of surveys had been conducted in the course of the research: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative survey had been included two types of research methods- in-depth interviews and focus-groups. During the research such issues as:

  • The gender aspect of the community
  • The distribution of women’s and men’s roles and functions in household economy
  • The involvement in milk producing and improving program
  • The suggestions of the program members for increasing the program effectiveness

Research was implemented in partnership with Women’s Resource Centre.
Result: A comprehensive report on community mobilization, social relation within communities and gender situation in mentioned communities of Goris region had been developed.
Specific recommendations on community mobilization, gender-sensitive planning and implementation and program effectiveness rising had been provided.
Support: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)


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