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Project title: Assessment of rural tourism opportunity in Lori marz

Project Duration: May-September 2014

Supported by USAID /EDMC


•  Assess the cultural, natural and historic resources and potential destinations of the Lori Marz that will drive the development of new itineraries by the Tour Product Development Expert

•  Implement the publication of a promotional Guidebook on Lori Marz and maps of the tour destinations with new itineraries (based on the tourism resources assessments)

•  Organize a workshop with participation of Armenian TOs and Lori Marz local tourism service providers and local authorities to discuss best practices around the promotion of rural tourism as alternative base for economic development

•  Organize hospitality trainings for sub-sectors of the hospitality industry that are directly involved in providing services to tourists as part of all tour packages, especially from rural regions

( see report and guidebook )

Project Results : The guidebook has been developed and published, capacity of local people on hospitality service provision built.

Project title: FIT and CONNECT in the Caucasus! Fostering sustainable civil society through cooperation

Project Duration: January 2013-Jine 2014

Overall objective is developing sustainable civil society in the Caucasus using V4 sector development experience with an indirect objective of strengthening regional cooperation and deepening relations with V4 countries.

Project results:

•  Capacity of Representatives of Armenian NGOs and SMEs on V4 countries experience on cooperation, networking and promotion built.

•  Network of representatives of CSOs from V4 countries and Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan created

•  Representatives of CSOs of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan studied the experience of Hungarian CSOs during the summer school organized in Hungary

•  9 mini project developed by regional CSOs from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan supported and implemented



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