Opportunity for Improving
Civic Engagement




Millennium foundation, is a coalition of people who have extensive work
experience in a variety of NGOs, who came together to promote our common ideals.
Many of our members were directors and executives in NGOs. What makes our
organization special is that most of our members are qualified trainers who
have mastered the methods of interactive teaching. We believe that these
methods ensure maximum participation of those being trained and thus provide
the most effective training possible.

Members of our foundation are lawyers, psychologists, engineers, sociologists,
professors, teachers, businessmen, educators and journalists etc.
The members of our organization participate in numerous international, regional
and national trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences. Some of them are
members of national, regional and international professional networks and coalition
“Millennium” Foundation is member of many Networks and Coalitions. Those are:
• Professional Association of Trainers
• Anticorruption coalition, created under OSCE
• Armenian Business Women Association
• Women's Trainers Network of South Caucasus
• Citizen Participation network of CEE countries
• Women Waging Peace global network at the John F. Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University
• Regional Network of Civil Society Organizations of Back Sea Region
• Regional Program Network of Trainers and Training Institutions
• Central and Eastern Countries “Working Together” Trainers’ Network

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