Opportunity for Improving
Civic Engagement



Tourism – a chance for development of regions.  Supporting development of SMB’s and agro tourism in Vayots Dzor and Gegharkuniq marzes of Armenia

In partnership with Sustainable Development Foundation – Poland

With assistance of Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Poland.

In the frames of the project the following activities are planned to be implemented

1. A study tour for group of Armenian trainers, businessmen, local activists and local self-governments representatives from Gegharkuniq and Vayots Dzor regions to Poland Lower Silezia region

2. Internship for Armenian trainers in agro touristic farms in Lower Silezia

3. Visit of polish experts to Armenia. Trainings, seminars, meeting with communities. Elaboration of strategies of development of agrotourism in the regions.

4. Series of trainings for community m\bers on tourism development, marketing strategies, business development

5. preparation and creation of informational/promotional website and booklet of the regions

6. marking up a pilot touristic route

7. Micro grant program for SMBs and agro touristic farms in the mentioned regions


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